Shopify Apps and Coupon Codes

Exceptional Ecommerce Apps Every Shopify Store Owner Should Have on Their Android Mobile Device

shopify and coupon codes

If you want to maximize your time as an ecommerce entrepreneur, it is imperative you incorporate mobile apps into your task management duties. You can’t always be at your laptop computer managing your store; you need to be able to build your business regardless of your location. Luckily for Shopify vendors, there are now a multitude of excellent Android apps for online business owners. Check out this roundup of exceptional Android apps for Shopify; you just might find one or two you can use to supercharge sales at your store.

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Ecommerce Preview


The Ecommerce Preview app lets you instantly create a custom native app for your Shopify store. Spotlight your latest arrivals, offer secure mobile shopping, and let customers create collections of their favorite finds. Your new mobile app syncs with your ecommerce store in real-time and lets you add your own business branding for a completely custom look. Shopify + mobile shopping: can you say profits?

SimplyTick for Shopify


If you want to manage your Shopify store on your mobile device, look no further than the SimplyTick for Shopify app. This powerful Android app lets you do everything from track customer order sizes to monitor time-on-site rates. Understand which browsers and digital devices your customers are using, tracking sales rates for your store, and understand your most profitable sellers. The ease of Shopify selling plus the magic of mobile management is a combination too awesome to ignore.

Entrepreneur’s Digest


Available from Shopify, the Entrepreneur’s Digest app is a must-download item for sellers committed to building a profitable online business. This terrific mobile app offers advice on ecommerce, business development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Discover how to better manage your social media marketing and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing. If you’ve opened a Shopify store and haven’t downloaded this Android app, you’re doing your business a disservice.


Increasing the profitability of your Shopify store is made easy when you have the right tools at your disposal. Discovering Android apps for Shopify not only helps you become a better online entrepreneur, they also help you manage your time when you’re away from your laptop. Do you think you’ll be integrating any of these excellent apps into your ecommerce business management strategy?