Machine Learning and GoDaddy Renewal Coupons

The ever changing dynamics in terms of technology are moving to the next level in the year 2017. As a matter of fact these dynamics are being pushed by increased demands for quality service and even the speed for service delivery. In order to ensure that this demand is met, technology expert have embarked on the development and improvement of the new technology known as Machine Learning. With the year 2017 already witnessing an increase in the level of machines doing much of the work, expert predict that this year will actually be the year of machine leaning.

Machine learning

This can be defined as an artificial intelligence (AI) which gives a computer the ability to learn without necessarily being programmed. The whole technology basically focuses on the development of computer software which has the ability to respond when exposed to new data. Research has proved that machine learning is similar to data mining. However while data mining extracts data for human use, machine learning uses the data to predict special patterns in data hence adjusting the actions of the programs accordingly.  Here is more information on how machine learning works.

Areas of machine learning

Experts are looking at 2017 as being the year where technology will breakthrough in terms of machine learning. With drastic increase in smart phones, drones, tablets, motor vehicles, and even internet connectivity, the demand for machine learning ability is also increasing among the users. As such phone companies are changing the programs which run most of these phones.
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Deloitte technology has predicted that 2017 will witness an increase in the number of smart phones which will come with the machine learning ability. These set of smart phones are set to change the mode of communication and even data management. Moreover this year will witness changes in military intelligence operations.

Auto Industry

Most countries in 2017 are turning to the development of drones which have the machine learning capability. This kind of change is revolutionizing the level of intelligence gathering by most countries without necessarily subjecting the military personnel to any danger. Auto mobile industry has faced lots of challenges in terms of security. However this is set to change and even improved through machine learning where vehicles are being operated by finger prints and even face detection. With these changes, customers are set to experience security to vehicles.


The medical sector has already begun experiencing machine learning through data extraction and even storage. In developed economies, data storage and diagnosis of patients is happening simultaneously and this has already seen an improvement in terms of treatment and even data use by medical expert.

The many changes taking place in technologically based industries is set to increase due to increased demand. Moreover these changes are basically being driven by the fact that most of them will have machines which have the ability to learn. Internet connectivity is going to play a major role in machine learning however not all of the machines will depend on internet connectivity.