Media Temple Vs. GoDaddy: Do We Even Need a Web Host?

So you’re starting up a new business. Is setting up a website on a web host even necessary? If you’re making an app, and you’re main goal is to get a round of VC funding in Silicon Valley, do I even bother with a website?

The short answer is yes. Creating something that showcases your startup and what it does is invaluable. Angel investors will be sure to do their research on you and your company long before they open their purse strings.

So the question is: should I go with Media Temple or GoDaddy?

Why these two? The main reason is that Media Temple is a high end web hosting provider that starts at $20/month. It’s used by enterprises and companies that have complicated needs and structures (i.e. employee logins, internal communications, etc.). Go Daddy is the world’s largest hosting company, and GoDaddy’s prices start at $1/month, which includes a free domain name. If you are creating a simple informational website about your company and don’t care about traffic, then a small website on GoDaddy could suit your needs.

Coupon Codes

Winner: GoDaddy.

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With GoDaddy, however, there are hundreds of unique coupon codes available for all types of services: website builder, SSL, domains, hosting, etc. There’s a 40% off hosting coupon code that’s our personal favorite.

Why Do I Need a Web Host For Again?

Most people automatically think that in order to have a website they must utilize a web host. For the majority of people that is true, however, for the truly technical wizards out there they can set up their own host inside their own home and utilize it as a power source for their website. The problem with this is that it can cause major issues later down the road that may or may not be something that a person can repair on their own. So why should people choose a web host rather than do this on their own? Contrary to popular belief, some things are better completed by the expert. And in this case, the use of a web host is the expert care that a person is going to need in order for their website to survive on the Internet.

Those that utilize a web host are going to receive a customer service team that they can rely on in order to help them through any problem. Even those that choose to go with a dedicated server are going to have this task force on their side. Therefore, if they ever have a problem, they are going to have someone that they can turn to. Of course the level of customer service is only as good as the web host that someone chooses, thus the person should choose wisely. Otherwise, they are not going to have a good experience.

Another reason why a web hosting company is a better choice deals with the fact that the web host is going to allow people to have more time for themselves. Though most people are dedicating themselves to their website at all hours of the day, it is nice to be able to step away every now and then to get away. For someone that makes their own web host they are going to find that their hosting responsibilities are going to get tangled up with their website responsibilities. And usually, the websites go unfinished or they simply become too much too handle.

If you are serious about starting a website, then look at all your options. Ask yourself if you have the time to devote to making a web host and maintaining this. And also ask yourself if you have the ability to do this. If the answer is no or even if you doubt that you can do this, the web host company is the best route to go and will be one way that you can ensure that your website is completed just as you always imagined.